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oneminutemonkey's Journal

Michael M Jones
29 July 1974
Who am I? What day is it? Seriously. I am:
An unlicensed, unemployed 'retail therapist'
A writer of science fiction and fantasy.
A reviewer of science fiction, fantasy, YA and other related items.
Happily married.
Enslaved by many cats.
A pawn of various trickster figures.
Easily amused.
Easily dis- ooo, look, shiny!
A perpetual student of sociology and other subjects.
Part of a secret cabal determined to rule the world.

Some of this is true. Some of it is just disinformation. Or is it?
I try to update at least once a year, whether I need to or not.

Check out my story, "Claus of Death" in the DAW anthology, SLIPSTREAMS, edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg, published in May 2006! Or look for it in THE DRAGON DONE IT, edited by Mike Resnick and Eric Flint and published by Baen in March 2008!
See my YA review sidebar every two months in REALMS OF FANTASY!
See my other reviews at www.greenmanreview.com and www.sfsite.com!
See my reviews in Publishers Weekly! (Only I can't tell you which ones they are, sorry.)

New! The one and only FAQ I have:

Q)Why "Oneminutemonkey?" Your poor wife...
A)Okay, we're not going -there-, pal... Does your mother know you think such things? No, the true story is that I used to work at an audiobook rental store. And one of the business titles there was "The One-Minute Manager Meets the Monkey," which I'm sure has to do with something I know very little about. But one night, in my work-addled state of semi-consciousness, the title just sort of ran together. Hence, Oneminutemonkey. A perfectly-good nonsensical name for when I was starting this LJ. Hey, it's memorable. Now you know.