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An Anniversary

12 years ago today, I met my wife in person for the first time.
We'd known each other via online sources for a few months before that (and apparently had run into each other online for some months before that, but not really realized it at the time), and had gotten steadily closer as we talked. I found out that she was in Virginia, just a few hours south of my family. So, for fall break, I decided to go down and visit her. I think she was a little surprised, but she seemed game.

On my part, getting to Roanoke was an odyssey unto itself. A train from Hartford to DC. Traveling from Union Station in DC to the Greyhound station, in the dead of night. Taking a bus (ye gods, a -bus-) from DC to Roanoke... and this was the -local-, so it took -ages-, and hit all sorts of stops along the way. Taking a taxi from downtown Roanoke, to Roanoke College in nearby Salem. And, oh yes, calling Mary from the bus station, and going, "Hi there, I'm in town finally," thus giving her a limited time to get ready.

I showed up on her doorstep, scruffy and bedraggled. My hair was grown out in a ponytail much of the way down my back, I wore a San Francisco Mime Troop T-Shirt, and carried my belongings in a surplus army bag. Poor Mary had overslept, hadn't done laundry, and opened the door with her hair still wet, wearing her oldest, biggest sweatshirt. Neither of us were anywhere near our best. And yet, we hit it off like wildfire. According to her, it was when I put my head on her shoulder that she melted.

The rest is history. I spent the better part of a week living like a ghost in her dorm room, and one day, her parents came to visit. I went out the back door of the dorm as they were coming in the front, and went for a niiiiice long walk.

Our first meal together was at a place called Macados, a local restaurant. At one point, she ducked out to use the restroom (and apparently to reassure her best friend that I was safe after all). She took long enough that I started worrying that she'd fled for the hills. Luckily, she came back...

12 years later, we're still together. Married, with cats. Go figure. And I still love her with all my heart. Even when we drive each other nuts. :>

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