Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

TV Time

So. I've seen the pilot episode of "Birds of Prey."
What do I think?
Frog in a blender.

1. Vigilantes running around without masks, and getting caught by the police. Go team. What's the point of having secret identities and a secret lair if your naked face is there for any cop to see?

2. Oracle from Earth-1 (AKA current continuity), + Huntress from Earth-2 (AKA continuity wiped out fifteen years ago) + Black Canary from Earth-TV (AKA all-new!) = craptacular mess o' beans.
Yeah, I'm being picky. What was so wrong with the Oracle-Canary team from the comic books that they had to go and shred things?
Don't get me wrong. I LIKE the original Huntress, retconned as she was. But... eh, I just think they messed things around a little too much. Surely they could have pulled it together better with a more faithful Canary?

Basically, it just feels like a mess, in comparison to the simple elegance of the comic. Hopefully this, too, shall pass, and it'll find its stride. Looking forward to seeing Harley Quinn in action.

It ain't all bad, mind you. It's just jarring. It's like they tried to complicate it more than it already was. Smallville is nice and basic. The Justice League cartoon is nice and basic. This feels like it's been duct taped together while they look for the glue. ;>

Hey. Don't mess with the comic geek, for he is trivial, and prone to rants.

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