Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

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Eying the Time

And so, today begins Attempt Three in the Saga of the Appliance Delivery. They have less than 2 hours to show up. If they don't... I get to sic my wife on them and she gets to have her way with the delivery company, Home Depot, and anyone who gets in between.

What irritates me is how bloody inconvenient it's been for ME, the consumer. Every time the delivery is scheduled, that's a day where I have to rearrange my schedule, wait for a certain span of hours, put the cats out on the porch (and isn't THAT fun), and start unloading the refrigerator. Every time they don't show up, I get to reverse the process. Sigh.

God, I hope they actually show today. They PROMISED. *shakes fist*

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