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Appliance Rant

So I wake up way earlier than I usually do, because the people who are supposed to deliver my nice shiny new major kitchen appliances claim they'll be here between 9 am and 1 pm.
I clean, I tidy, I put the cats out on the porch, I empty most of the refrigerator in anticipation of the 30-minutes-until-delivery call.

1:15 rolls around. No call. No delivery people. I call them. They tell me that a GE truck came in this morning instead of yesterday and my delivery is delayed. And oh dear, didn't anyone contact me? Nope, says I. So the guy takes down my name and # and all that and promises to call me back in a few minutes.

2:15 rolls around. No guy. I call, no one's there. I call Home Depot, and end up leaving my name and # so someone in charge can call me back.

2:45 rolls around. No calls. I call delivery people and leave a message. 3:15 rolls around and Mary leaves a message in a tone so cold I could have kept my ice cream frosty.

I go run errands. I get back about 4:45. You guessed it. No one. Nada. Zip. I call again, and the person who answers the phone asks baffled. And in the process of putting me on hold and transferring me, drops the call. I call back at 4:50. No one. I leave message. Their machine says they close at 5 for the day.

No delivery company. No Home Depot. No deliveries. A day wasted, my kitchen rearranged, and we still don't know when to expect the stuff. Tomorrow? That would have been acceptable if they'd called me back at any point today in the 4 hours we tried to contact them...

I am not happy. There'd better be refunding of delivery fees or something after this fiasco. If someone had called me and told me there'd be a delay, that would have been awesome, I could have slept in and whatnot. If the delivery company hadn't essentially blown me off for 4 hours (even a return call of 'we're working on it...), I'd have calmed down. But now? Oh, it's on.

Yeah, it's funny. When I drop some major money on major appliances, I expect things to be done in a halfway proper fashion. I'm old-fashioned that way. And like they say in White Chicks, "I'm going to write a LETTER!" Or something.

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