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Alas, Poor Drive...

After watching the first two episodes of Drive online, and seeing the third and fourth as they aired, I can properly appreciate just what we've lost with this show's rapid cancellation. I mean yeah, it was cheesy and chock-full of violence and coincidences, with plenty of flash over substances, but it was really developing into something nifty and fun.

It had a great ensemble cast, many of whom were just starting to really find their groove. It had a mutable, flexible, adaptable overarching plotline that was full of potential and excitement, not to mention mystery. What makes me sad is that we'll never see what happens to most of these characters and their storylines. And that's a shame. Drive didn't even get a full season, or a healthy chance to bring things to any sort of conclusion. Cut down just as it got to a good speed. The only consolation is that we might get to see the next (and last) two episodes, which hopefully won't end on a cliffhanger the way episode 4 did.

Grrr. Here I thought I had a show to fill the void left in my heart by the ending of the current Prison Break season. A show whose complexities, absurdities, coincidences, conspiracies, interweaving plotlines and shifting alliances would keep me occupied and entertained. And my hopes were dashed.

I don't watch a lot of regular television. Prison Break and House religiously. Heroes sporadically. Dresden Files and Blood Ties when I can find them on. I watched Studio 60 because it vaguely amused me and had some good moments. (I know, it's coming back, but it's not on my Must See list.) I watched Knights of Prosperity because we know one of the leads. (I know, it's coming back in the summer, when the big bad American Idol can't steal its food... I mean audience.) I've never gotten into Lost or Battlestar Galactica or any of the Stargates.

So what now? I guess I'll just have to sulk. I looked forward to Drive for months, and got to enjoy it for several weeks. And this is the first time in a long time that I've actually been this irked about having a show cut out from under me. Because it was my kinda show, and I was totally into it after one episode, and it didn't last long enough for me to convert others.

Maybe I'll get lucky and Drive will be resurrected someday, somehow, in some form. A miniseries. A movie. The creators spilling the beans on what would have happened.

At the very least, Nathon Fillon needs a new series.

/shakes fist, vows revenge/

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