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Michael M Jones

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March 29th, 2007

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09:59 pm - A Feline WTF Moment...
So last night, my dearest wife calls for me to come upstairs, because our cats have done something genuinely new and different. And that's new and different in a "WTF!" way.

First you have Gabriel. 10 year old Maine Coon. 21 pounds even. Sweet, loving, not terribly brightly, but he sure purrs nicely. Just got the lion cut in time for summer, so he's a -shaved- Maine Coon, save for paws, head and tail. As far as the hierarchy goes, he's Beta Male.

Then you have Salt. He's, I want to say 5 or 6 now. Short-haired ex-farm cat. Sweet, 22 pounds, dumb as a brick. Paranoid as well. Third and last in the male cat hierarchy.

So what does Salt do, but last night, on the bed, whips it out, and -pisses- on Gabe. Just lets it fly. I wasn't there, but I smelled and saw and aftermath, and this was definite cat liquids. Pee or spray, not sure which.

So, my question, loyal readers, is seriously, what's up with this?

Go figure.
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Date:March 30th, 2007 12:45 pm (UTC)
My family has had cats as I grew up. And I would say, fairly certain, that it was a play for dominance.

My sister had a tonkinese cat, that had grown up alone in the house. He was 12 lbs soaking wet, and was very siamese-like in his build. I got a kitten (mutt), when this other cat was already grown. At first, the tonk would smack the kitten around, growl, and just show he was the alpha. After a few weeks of this, they lived together easily.

As my kitten grew, he was a heavy set cat, and he currently weighs about 22 lbs.

Once he became capable, he began to fight with the tonk again. After a few weeks of fighting, when the dust settled, the mutt was now in control. I would occasionally see the tonk grooming the mutt, but a bit more rarely, I would see the mutt grooming the tonk.

They would fight back and forth, over the alpha male position. The tonkinese breed is very proud and dignified, while the mutt was just big and stupid. Eventually, the tonk died of feline leukemia.

When my parents then got another kitten, the same dominance posturing began. Once settled, the mutt was in control.

This new cat was a small breed, and weighs about 10 lbs. She occasionally gets in the mutts face, but rather than hitting her right off, he puts his head down, locks eyes with her, and (this always makes me laugh my head off) turns his paws in like a bulldog, and just walks towards her until she flees. If she doesn't run, then he gives her a hefty smack in a "b*&ch, go get me some tuna!" way. She rarely attempts to irritate him.
(Although, when she does it extensively, it leads into him sprinting around the house after her hissing and spitting, but he is a bit overweight and ends up panting on the tile floor)

So, there are my 2 cents. Obviously, I ramble, and overly enjoy commas.

Also, finished the White Night ARC (friend works high up at a large chain bookstore) and was completely put in awe.
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Date:March 30th, 2007 08:56 pm (UTC)
Usually when cats start to contend for dominance, they start spraying in each other's "turf." I've never heard of the challenger deciding to just flat-out mark the other cat. Reminds me of "A Man Called Horse," Where Chief Yellow Hand declared Horse his property by wetting his hand with a yellow dye, and then marking Horse with a big Yellow Hand.

I guess you have Chief Cat Spray. I think I'd rather be Horse. ;)

Cat pee. Nasty stuff. One reason why I think my current cats will be my last cats.

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