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A Feline WTF Moment...

So last night, my dearest wife calls for me to come upstairs, because our cats have done something genuinely new and different. And that's new and different in a "WTF!" way.

First you have Gabriel. 10 year old Maine Coon. 21 pounds even. Sweet, loving, not terribly brightly, but he sure purrs nicely. Just got the lion cut in time for summer, so he's a -shaved- Maine Coon, save for paws, head and tail. As far as the hierarchy goes, he's Beta Male.

Then you have Salt. He's, I want to say 5 or 6 now. Short-haired ex-farm cat. Sweet, 22 pounds, dumb as a brick. Paranoid as well. Third and last in the male cat hierarchy.

So what does Salt do, but last night, on the bed, whips it out, and -pisses- on Gabe. Just lets it fly. I wasn't there, but I smelled and saw and aftermath, and this was definite cat liquids. Pee or spray, not sure which.

So, my question, loyal readers, is seriously, what's up with this?

Go figure.

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