Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

One of THOSE days....

Yup, welcome to 2007. The starter on Mary's car went and died, so off we went to get a rental and have her car taken to a car place of decent reputability. That was fun. Along the way, she went and applied for a passport, and I took Salt and Pepper (our farm cats) to the vet. Had to leave poor Salt overnight for dental work. :<

Came home, and the garage door opener malfunctioned. Messed with it for a while, finally gave up and closed it manually. Whee.

The -highlight- of the day? Getting molested by large birds.
Yup. See, we went by a pet store after lunch, just for the fun of it. I tried to play with the birds. The birds played back... a two-month old macaw used me as a perch, then beat me vigorously about the head and shoulders with his wings. So the staff rescued me. Did I learn my lesson? Of course not. I went to play with a smaller bird, a cockatiel, and it decided to bite my finger. When I objected and tried to put him down, he promptly climbed my arm, and secured a spot on the back of my neck... and then bit my ear hard enough to draw blood. Yup, vampire cockatiel. Once again, the staff had to rescue me. I suspect I've become a "Stupid Customer" story.

And that was my day. Oh, and started work on a new story. Yay!
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