Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

I'm easily amused. Enjoy...

Michael Jones is a pianist, author, recording
artist, seminar leader and speaker.

Michael Jones is a man of the Enlightenment. So was Augustin de Barruel.

Michael Jones is a Senior Associate with Houser Martin Morris.

Professor Michael Jones is the Hill Dickinson Professor of Law at
the University of Liverpool

Michael Jones is one of the new, young guns of Team Roping.

I think Michael Jones is sympathetic to the Confederates and my research became inconvenient.

Michael Jones is a former military experimental test pilot

Michael Jones is returning from a second crippling knee injury both
of which would have ended the careers of lesser mortals

Michael Jones is a master plumber and gas fitter in the State of Maryland, as well as separately in Frederick County and the City of Frederick

Michael Jones is obviously pleased that hedgelines are finding
their way into headlines, and politicians are acting

Michael Jones is charged with one count of misdemeanor

Jay Willoughby is Managing Editor of the Washington, DC based American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences and a dedicated student of Southeast Asian Muslim

Go figure....

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