Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

World Fantasy Convention

Like the title says, I'm down in Austin for WFC. It's my first big con in a while, so I'm looking forward to it.
Feel free to say hi if you see me. I know far too few people here, and many of those simply by name. I'd love to chat with folks. :>
I promise I don't bite. In return, I'll be looking at nametags trying to find people I know, if just by reputation or from on here.

In other news, hit the dealer's room. Bought many books. Mmmm, books. This was on top of the Bag O' Books they hand you at registration. Mmmm, books.

Mary says I can only get 28 pounds of books before we need to buy another suitcase. My only question: "What color?"

Badge name: Michael Jones. I think I'm the only one here. I hope.

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