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Michael M Jones

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September 21st, 2006

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07:15 pm - Home Repair Update...
New water heater installed. I woke up at o'clock, and had a guy out to look at the old one by 9 am. He eyed it for a few minutes, then decided it was time to replace it. Turns out the heater was oh, somewhere 'round 20 years old, not 8-10 like we'd thought. Gotta love those old water heaters. So he set it to draining and went off to fetch a friend and a new one. (It's amusing, subconsciously I select the same plumbing company every time we have a problem, but always forget which one it is until next time...)

The old heater didn't drain very quickly, so they removed it while still half-full... took it out by way of the basement side-door and decided to drain it there in the stairwell, where there's a drain.

The drain clogged up. Next thing I knew, one corner of my basement nearest the door was full of dirty-black water. Eeeeew. I about snapped and killed both guys right then and there, even as I rescued books from the bottom shelves of the bookcases...

Eventually, the new heater was installed. Then they set off the smoke detector while soldering the pipes into place. THAT woke my dearest wife up out of a sound sleep, even as we practically ripped the detector out of the ceiling trying to turn it out.

After that, we finally managed to get the drain to declog and got the water out. Ugh. NOT the mopping I had in mind. They brought in a wet/dry vac to get the rest of the water that had leaked from the mess, and all was well in the end.

So, problem solved. In a typically messed-up manner. Oy. I tell you, if there's a way water can get into my basement, it does. On the bright side, I've started really cleaning the basement... :>
Current Mood: Still soggy

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Date:September 22nd, 2006 01:57 am (UTC)
Ugh, sorry about the mess. And I know you just got the new one, but I'm telling you -- tankless water heaters are the way to go. It only heats when you're running the hot water. Admittedly, it heats up to the temperature of a small sun, but we're way better off with one of those than we were with one of the old tankers.

Good man, rescuing those books. Got your priorities in order!
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 03:20 am (UTC)
We considered the tankless - strongly. And we may go to that in a couple years. For now, the immediate need + cost meant we had to go for the old fashioned tank. Plus, Mike found an amazing plumber. Called at 8. They were here at 9. New one installed, old one on the curb by 12. Plus, very reasonably priced. Mike asked about the tankless, and while the cost isn't prohibitive, they said the installation was. $300 for a conventional (installed) vs $1300 for the tankless.

Is your tankless gas or electric?
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 04:03 am (UTC)
Ours is gas. It went in as part of our Immense Remodel, so any additional cost was rolled in.
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Date:September 22nd, 2006 09:13 am (UTC)
Mmmmm. Immense Remodel. I like those words (though can't even begin to imagine the headache). I'm hoping to, within the next five years, completely overhaul our place. We're going to try one room at a time, for now. The family room is our first project. The former occupants put up this ghastly cheap paneling on the walls - then painted it (and everything else, including the brick fireplace) white. There are five boxes on our ceiling. As far as we know, they don't cover anything, and are supposed to look like rafters. They don't. They look like cheap wood that someone threw up there. I've wanted them down for years. Finally we're going to take a hammer to them (after first being VERY sure to make sure they're not hiding pipes of any sort.

At some point, I really would like to go to a tankless water heater. I've read some wonderful things about them!

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