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In Which Our Hero Mutters...

"Aw hell, the washing machine's broken."
I got someone in to check the machine - it spins, but won't agitate. Turns out that the transmission has locked up. Solution?
Buy a new transmission. Parts and labor = $300.
Or buy a new washer. Your price may vary.
Right now, I have a 7 year old Performa by Maytag. Not a bad machine. A top-loader that's served me well through many, many loads of laundry over the years.

So then, comes the question: do I shell out for the new transmission, or do I spring for a whole new washer? If the latter, does anyone have any particular recomendations?

In the meantime, pardon me. I have to go and take some laundry to the place that charges by the pound. Sigh.

Oh, and I have to pick the cat up from the vet, where she will undoubtedly be very unhappy at having dental work done. Pissy kitty.

And it's hot out.

Hmph. What an absofreakinglutely mundane sort of bitch and moan.

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