Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

I'm such a monkey see, monkey do.

People on your friends list: 19
Who you've met in person: 9?
Whose house you've been to: 1? I don't travel well. ;>
Who've been to your house: Between 1 and several. ;>
Whose full name I know off hand: Between 3 and a handful.
Who you've know more than 3 years: Most of them.
Whom you've lived with: 1
Who are exes: Maybe
Who you've 'done': 3. On a good day.
Who you would do: 5. Or 6. or 4.
Who live outside your country: At least several.
Who I have a secret crush on: You'll never know, will you? There's a few on there.

Wow. That was remarkably unhelpful. Sorry. I don't know people as well as I should.

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