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Well, I've seen SLIPSTREAMS at Barnes and Noble. I checked out Waldenbooks, but it hadn't come in to either of our local stores last I was there. (In fact, one Waldenbooks wasn't interested in me at all, but that's a rant for another time...) I made sure our local B&N was well-stocked though.

Believe it or not, someone's already saying nice things about the anthology, and my story in it, and they're not related to me or anything! Daniel Emery has something called a podcast (hey, whadda I know, you kids and your fancy new technologies...) at http://seeker.libsyn.com/, a show titled "Brief Glimpses of Somewhere Else." In the most recent episode, #26, he talks about Jim Butcher's FURIES OF CALDERON and SLIPSTREAMS. The Slipstreams review starts around 12 minutes in, the nice commentary about "Claus of Death" starts about 14 minutes in. Daniel's well-spoken and really seems to get the material. So if you like listening to podcasts, or audio commentary or whatnot, check him out.
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