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Loves and Hates!

Love... Rent. Seen it three times, the last with my wife. Gets better every time. Also more heart-
wrenching, more engaging, more everything. The good parts get better, the bad parts get harder to sit
through. Certainly my favorite movie of the year.

Hate... The mall at Christmas. This season can't be over too quickly. The people, the noise, the chaos,
the stress, the people... this coming week's gonna be a bitch for working there. Bleeeeach.

Love... Something Positive (www.somethingpositive.net), Questionable Content (www.questionablecontent.net)
and Queen of Wands (www.queenofwands.net). Need more webcomics with that quality of drawing, depth of
humor, complexity, enjoyability, and so forth. (Mini-hate that QoW is over and I've read the others
and am waiting for updates).

Hate... Taking out the trash. It's COLD out there!

Love... My wife. To explain further would require a much longer post. Suffice it to say that she's the
bestest movie partner ever for me.

Hate... Getting killed in World of Warcraft while AFK. Damn you, Dreaming Whelps!

Love... Writing. Need more time. So many ideas, so little active brainpower. So many books, so little
time. Keeping my fingers crossed that a plan I have in motion will work.

Hate... Waiting. :>

Love... My cats. All of them. Really.

Hate... Changing the litterbox. Can you tell I'm procrastinating?

Anyway, happy holidays to all!

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