Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

Thanksgiving Update!

So here we are. Thanksgiving. Lessee. First off, to give thanks.
First and foremost, I'm thankful for my loving, patient, understanding, perfect wife, who keeps me mostly sane and grounded and happy. She puts up with me, tolerates and encourages my obsessions, and understands me better than anyone has a right to. All that, and she's sexy. And she comes with an awesome family. I couldn't have done better, and it's nice to note that once in a while. :>

I'm thankful for my family. They're nuts, unpredictable, and occasionally baffling, but they're still my family. I couldn't be with them today, but I was thinking of them. From a distance. Which is always a safe thing. :>

I've got my health, a good house, lots of books, cats who let me think I own them, friends to talk to, and all that other fine jazz which makes life comfortable. In a world as messed-up as ours, who can ask for more, right?

My first -real- published professional sale will be out in May 2006, as a reminder. That's SLIPSTREAMS, edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg, published by DAW.

My reviewing career is going through some ... transitions. Can't say much about that, except that I'll be changing venues and focusing in some different directions. If you've been used to seeing me in one place and don't anymore, that's why. Rest assured, I won't be giving that aspect of my writing up. I love it too much. :>

I think that's about all. For now. Y'all take care now, y'hear?

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