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Update! Whee!

Let's see... what's new.

Gutter fixed. I tried three people, and got three quotes: 300-500, 410, and 140. Guess who I went with. Yup. Happiness!

Now I'm working on fixing the screened-in porch. Cats managed to do some damage to the screens over the years, and our youngest was taking unscheduled excursions. Sigh. Wish me luck.

Spent 6 days on the road. 4 in Philly to attend a wedding (it was lovely, though the monsoon was a bit much), and 2 in Ocean City. Mary and I went over to Atlantic City and had some casino time in the Taj Majal. We each lost $50 to the slot machines, agreed it was all very fun, and left, swearing never to gamble like that again. Too depressing to watch the money go away so quickly. :>

On the bright side, I got my Philly cheesesteak fix, and discovered that I like Chilean sea bass. Yum!

Nothing too new on the writing front. Poking at some possibilities, working on some stuff. You know how it goes. I have two sequels to "Claus of Death" churning away in the back of my mind, and every so often, I'll bounce ideas off of Mary, until she begs me to shut up.

Anyway, enough of that for now. I have work to do. :

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