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Frothy Annoyance

So the last bad weather we had managed to kill my gutter. It got stopped up by leaves and debris, the guy who was supposed to clean it didn't, water and snow and ice came, it froze, it pulled away from the house, and now I've got something like 20-30 (or more) feet of gutter hanging down in front of my house.

I do what any normal red-blooded American homeowner would do. I call a professional. The first two places I call, they won't tell me anything without sending estimators out. They can't even tell me what this sort of thing -costs-. I mean come on, I want to know if gutter repair is going to cost me a hundred, five hundred, a thousand bucks, you know? I want to know what it'll cost me to have people come out.

Yes, I'm cautious. I don't like wasting time. I don't want to have to have some guy come out and give me the price, because then I feel obligated to go with him. I want to be able to get prices (even vague ones) ahead of time.

I finally went with the third place I called, simply because they sounded friendlier than the first two. There's something about getting a nice hearty man assuring you that they'll get out there, and who's willing to at least tell you the price of a service call, as opposed to some distant female phone-answerer who can't quote prices over the phone.

Am I unreasonable for wanting to be able to shop smart?

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