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Victory is mine!

Those who know about my career as a writer will possibly be aware that for the longest time, my goal was simply to sell a story. That I did, several years ago, to Elysian Fiction (www.elysianfiction.com). Sadly, that story is no longer available to read there, since the period for which it was to be available has since lapsed. But the point is, I sold a story.

Then there was my goal of appearing in print, which I completed in a sideways manner by getting multiple book review columns in Absolute Magnitude and Chronicle.

Then there was the goal of seeing my reviews quoted on the books of authors I like/respect/enjoy. Again, success, wwith quotes appearing on books by Peter David, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Charles de Lint, Dawn Cook, and Jim Butcher.

One by one, I've been succeeding at my goals, slowly but surely. But thus far, one has always eluded me: the desire to have one of my stories appear in an actual, honest-to-god -book-. An anthology.

Until now.

I just got the contract in the mail... John Helfers accepted my submission to an upcoming Daw anthology entitled SLIPSTREAMS, a genre-crossing collection of stories which refuse to be defined by just one genre.
It's a nice little noir murder mystery/fantasy I call "Claus of Death." The book will be out later this year.

Let the celebrations begin. Booyah!

(And back to work for me!)

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