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Double Play!

It's the little things that get me going. :>
First, a month or two back, I discovered that my reviews had been quoted on the cover of LOST TRUTH, by Dawn Cook. One quote from a review I did of HIDDEN TRUTH for Green Man Review, one quote from a review of FORGOTTEN TRUTH, done for SF Site. Two quotes, from two reviews, of two books, for two sites. Double play!

Tonight, while looking at the cover for the next Jim Butcher book, DEAD BEAT, I realized that again, I'd been quoted. On the back cover of the first hardback in the bestselling series. One quote from a review of DEATH MASKS, done for Green Man Review. And one quote from a review of BLOOD RITES, done for SF Site.
That's right, another double play.

Mary seems properly amused by the impromptu dance I created to express myself. Gosh, I love getting quoted. The paperback release of NEW MAGICS, edited by Patrick Neilson Hayden, quoted me recently as well.
(apologies to any misspelled names. It's late here.)

I'm starting to feel the groove again. I lost it over the holidays because I was so busy working retail. I think I'm really getting into the writing and reviewing groove. But for now... sleep.

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