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Weirdness is...

Weirdness is receiving a letter from AOL, insisting that you owe them money, when all of the following are facts:
1. The letter is addressed to "Mike" Jones, not Michael Jones. I'll allow friends to call me Mike. I'd never actually sign up for a company like that.
2. The letter is addressed to an address I have never lived at. I lived in the same townhouse complex... over five years ago, but never that actual numerical address. Only the idiot savant nature of the post office got this letter to me.
3. The letter purports to be a Final Notice for monies owed. Funny, I never got any other notices.
4. I haven't had an AOL account in, fuck, I dunno, MANY YEARS.

A call to AOL with the facts as presented caused them to allow as how I didn't have to worry, but they didn't know anything. Me, I'm wondering if, had I been stupid enough to pay up, the money would have gone to AOL, or some enterprising con artist somewhere in Florida...

I hate this shit. It makes my hackles rise.

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