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So many books...

So little time. And so much freaking indecision.
Books I am currently waffling between include, in no particular order:
Rose of the World, by Jude Fisher
Emerald Sea, by John Ringo,
To Light A Candle, by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory,
Phoenix and Ash, by Mercedes Lackey
The Legend of Holly Claus, by Brittney Ryan
Banewrecker, by Jacqueline Carey
Shadowmarch, by Tad Williams
Sister of the Dead, by Barb and J.C. Hendee
The Winter Oak, by James Hetley
The Buried Pyramid, by Jane Lindskold

Mind you, these are just the ones that immediately come to mind as books I really want to read and that I have in my possession through one means or another. This doesn't take into consideration the other books
piled up behind me.

I have a short fiction review column -and- a YA review column due at the end of this month. That means that sometime in the next few days, I have to shift gears and get through the backlog of YA SF/Fantasy, most of which I haven't even mentioned here. Oh, to be able to clone myself...

And this is, by the way, your chance to chime in on why I should or shouldn't read a particular book. I may not necessarily listen, but I may be influenced to at least prioritize my selections. Hell, suggest books that -aren't- on the list. The only guidelines I'd like to stick to are:
1) Must be science fiction or fantasy or horror or somewhere in that mix. I'll even consider romance if
it crosses the genre lines, like with the Luna or new Tor lines.
2) Must either be vaguely categorizable as 'adult' 'YA' or 'short fiction'.
3) Must have a release date within the last 3-4 months, or next 6 months.

I welcome suggestions and discussions. I may do this as a regular thing, if it works out interestingly enough. For now, however, I'm going to grab one or two books and get some pre-bed reading done.


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