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Good: Got paid by a certain publisher who owes me for almost a year's worth of work.

Bad: It was much less than I'd hoped for.

Good: Going to be working 40 hours a week at the bookstore for the next few months.

Bad: Going to be working 40 hours a week.

Good: Got a nice email from a writer whose book I reviewed for SF Site.

Good: Got a VERY nice email from an editor who read a sample of my writing.

Good: We have a new cat! 5 pounds of medium-fluffy black mischief. We named her Diana. Not sure if it's after the goddess or the superhero or the writer, or... She's a trip. :>

Bad: Had to be in to work early today.

Good: Was let out early.

Good: Cleared out my overstock of reviews, soon to be appearing at SF Site and Green Man Review. That's right, I'm back with GMR on a limited basis. Hey, they wanted me, how could I say no?

Good: Young adult review column submitted on time, with LOTS of books. Managed to cover Spiderwick #5, the new de Lint, The Grand Tour, second in the Bartimaeus trilogy, and a whole bunch more. Only one real clunker in the entire mix.

Bad: So many books, so little time, so little column space.

Bad: Running behind on short fiction column.

Good: I may actually be a month ahead. For some reason, it didn't run in this month's Chronicle, so that means I should be set for the next three issues. In short, I have time to breathe. A little.

Good: Working on a new story for a project. Very psyched about it.

Good: Aiming to hit World Fantasy Convention this year.

Bad: October's gonna be busy. First there's the wedding in Philly (cheesesteaks anyone?), then nine days later my grandfather's funeral (who'd'a thunk there was a six week waiting period for Arlington?) and then at the end of the month, WFC. Busy busy busy. Don't let me forget I need my suit cleaned and fixed. (edited because I spaced on the timing of things)

Anyway, for those who pay attention, that's my life at the moment. :>

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