March 26th, 2011


Diana Wynne Jones - Hail and Farewell

Like so many other people of my generation, I was a fan of Diana Wynne Jones. After all, she was out there writing fabulously fantastic YA before we even knew what YA was. She was one of those fundamentally awesome authors laying the groundwork for all those who would follow her, and she kept damned active right up until the last minute.

I first stumbled across her works when I was in high school, in the early '90s. I went to an all boys school in Washington, DC. Being foolish and brash and just a little cunning, I found as many ways as possible to take classes at our sister school across the street, which led to me spending plenty of time in their library before classes begun for the day. And their wonderful library had a number of DWJ books. Homeward Bounders, <>A Tale Of Time City</i>, Witch Week and so on. I read them all. I loved them all. And as these things go, I grew up and graduated.

I spent a number of years after that tracking down copies of her books for my own, through used bookstores and at SF conventions, where I prowled through the dealers. I paid a pretty penny for those foreign editions and reissues, just so I could have the books which had spoken to me. A Tale of Time City was one of the trickiest to find, but Fire and Hemlock has, and may very well always be my favorite Diana Wynne Jones book. It was a great and glorious hunt, conducted well before Amazon made it easy, before Harry Potter's popularity caused the YA field to explode and her books were reissued for a new generation and the US market. Yeah, people have it easy now. :)

I haven't been as diligent about keeping up with her recent releases, but I have them anyway, just waiting for the right time. I think I'll make them last.

I'm sorry I never got to met her, but I'm sure she heard it a thousand times over from those who did. She was one heck of a writer, and she'll live on in the generations she inspired.
I'm thinking it may be time for some choice rereadings.
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Why Do I Have These Desires....

Here I am, trying to find a home for Scheherazade's Facade and working on the nitty-gritty stuff for Like A Cunning Plan, and as I watch the whole Wicked Pretty Things debacle happen, I'm struck with one thought: I really, really want to edit a YA fantasy anthology that's LGBTQ-friendly and full of awesome. Almost as much as I want to write a story for one.

I'll have to put that one on my to-do list.

It's so nice to have goals.
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