July 29th, 2009


Go figure....

Only my in-laws would sneak into town without warning, stalk me as I went into the Barnes and Noble, and break into my car to leave a birthday cake on the driver's seat, before retreating and leaving no sign of their passage.

Needless to say, I blamed my wife. Only she had keys to my car, only she knew I was going to Barnes and Noble. She claimed innocence, and a phone call soon revealed the culprits.

I love my in-laws. They rock. Even when they're showing their love in weird ways. Sheesh.
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More To Love ... Again

Looking on the Wikipedia page for More To Love, we have a handy chart of the contestants. Name, age, weight, and in what episode they were eliminated. (I guess location and occupation aren't noteworthy enough for the detail-oriented Wikipedians...)
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