July 28th, 2009


New Sale!

Sold: "After The Hunt" to Like A Queen, an ebook anthology of erotic gay and lesbian fairy tales, to be released by Circlet Press in the near future. This comes on the heels of two previous sales to their ebook anthologies (Like A Mask Removed featuring superheroes and Like A God's Kiss featuring Greek and Roman gods).

For this one, I retold one of the lesser-known Grimm's tales, "The Twelve Huntsmen," a groovy tale involving two princesses, female-to-male crossdressing, and a magical talking lion. I took some liberties in motivation and the nature of the happily ever after for the sake of logic and my own amusement, and had a lot of fun writing it.

All three of the Circlet anthologies should be available in the next few months. I'll be sure to announce it. Adults only. You know who you are.
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More To Love....

As a rule, I don't watch reality dating shows. I remain only vaguely aware of them through media exposure and as background noise when alemya puts them on. The genre just doesn't light my fire, y'know? The ones involving celebrities are even worse, and seem to be purposefully designed as exhibionistic train wrecks.

But when I heard about More To Love, I was intrigued. I like curvy girls, real women with real bodies. Fat, chubby, plus-size, plump, Rubenesque, use whatever term you will, but I tend to find them more attractive than the rail-thin waifs and skinny chicks that the media tries to pass off as normal. So the idea of a reality dating show that featured attractive larger women, as opposed to the usual selection, interested me.

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