March 25th, 2009


Always With The Appliances...

So last night, my refrigerator abruptly stopped working. Just... fail. No lights, no ice-grinding, water-dispensing, cold-making action. I didn't discover this until 3 AM. (What? Perfectly normal time to be up!)

Call LG service line. They tell me to unplug it, wait 20 minutes, plug back in. I do. Nothing. I repeat it. Nothing. The circuit breaker downstairs is fine. The outlet works. The refrigerator does not. Call them back. They recommend I call Home Depot... who don't come to work until 8 AM.

8 AM. Call Home Depot. They ask for service contract number, which I can't find. They refer me to GE/LG again. I call GE. They happily find my service contract number and schedule an appointment for tomorrow. Suggest I call the repair company, Alpha, directly to see if they can squeeze me in sooner.

I call Alpha. They can't come out today or tomorrow.
I call GE back, ask for another company. Turns out that Alpha is the only one willing to service LG brand appliances under contract to them in the area. Furthermore, the soonest Alpha can see me is Tuesday the 31st. The nice GE person is appropriately annoyed on my behalf, but it doesn't change the fact that the soonest I can get help is almost a week away. I accept this appointment, praying for cancellation.

Then I start calling around the area to see if anyone services LG. Nope. Nada. Zip. LG is like the pariah brand. Wait! Sears is willing to send someone out to look at the problem and diagnose it. On Saturday. For a fee. And no guarantee of even being able to fix it then and there.

Oh, and as mentioned in a previous entry, I'm not even -around- for the next four days, so anything scheduled will have to conform to my beloved wife's work schedule.

Well then. Time to get some ice for the cooler. And pray for cool weather.

Moral of the story? When buying appliances, find out how good the service for them is in your area, lest you be stuck with an extremely limited set of options come emergency time.

I'm going back to sleep.

(P.S. Can't tell if that coldness in the refrigerator is just residual cold, or if it's still cooling on stealth mode, or wishful thinking, or what. Maybe if I just leave it closed it'll keep things cool for now... What do you think, am I living in a fool's paradise?)
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