May 30th, 2007


I has appliances

That's right. The Saga is over.
Last week, I went back to Home Depot, and terrorized them. We cancelled the original order totally, got money back, all that fun stuff. And then I placed the order again, with a substitute dishwasher since the original one we went for was on back order. They knocked $100 off, and promised me a delivery date of, well, today.

And so yesterday, I got the automated call, telling me they'd come between 10-2 today.
And today, damned if they didn't show up around 1. And it took a while to get the dishwasher out, but ultimately, everything was installed, save for the fridge's water line, but that was okay because I expected that.

An hour later, I had the nice plumbers in to hook up the new fridge and cart off the old one, which they were going to use for their office. So everyone wins!

My stove is sitting pretty. My refrigerator is cooling and making ice. My dishwasher is running silent and steathily. My cats are baffled.

Of course, I still intent to write Home Depot a letter, praising those who helped us (and praising the new delivery company) and condemning the parts of this whole debacle that need it.

But for those who were following this, at least there is resolution.
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