May 17th, 2004



So let's see.

1) Groucho is still sick. Doing much better, eating and drinking and wandering around, but breathing hard all the same. Will harass vet's office tomorrow until they tell me things.

2) A/C still broken. Repairman coming tomorrow. He's not allowed to leave until it's fixed.

3) Mary's foot still broken. She's sacked out in the family room where she can watch TV and plot evil, horrible, vicious revenge against the world. :>

4) I made keyholder at work. That's right, they now trust me with the keys to the store, and the money, and this week I get to close on my own... well, I'll be the lead closer, and I get to make the newly-hired retail monkeys vaccuum and straighten. God help us all.

That's the big stuff. Have to send out another round of publicity packets, since the new Chronicle is out. Go team!
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