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Michael M Jones

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June 19th, 2012

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09:41 am - Now Even More Available: Like A Cunning Plan

Originally published at Schrödinger's Bookshelf. You can comment here or there.

I’m still thrilled, pleased, honored, and amazed to inform you all that my first anthology to hit the shelves (so to speak) is even more available than before.  Today is June 19th, and that means that Like A Cunning Plan: Erotic Trickster Tales, has gone live at Circlet Press.  This marks the really truly official launch of this collection.  As of now, you can find it at all of the finest online book retailers.  I’ve helpfully compiled a list on Like A Cunning Plan‘s own dedicated page for your convenience.  So if you want to see gods and mortals, trickster figures and shapeshifters and more getting it on in a variety of sexy, playful, strange ways, here’s your chance.

And review copies are still available for those who’d rather write a review about this anthology than pay actual money. I’m easy, I’ll roll over for a few kind words. But seriously,  just let me know if you’re interested and willing to leave some comments–good or bad–about the book online somewhere.

I’ll be over here, wondering how exactly my life came to this.  If my English teachers could see me now…they’d tell me to put on pants.

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