December 17th, 2003


Duuuuuude. ROTK - No real spoilers here...

Saw Return of the King, the midnight showing. What can I say except duuuuude. All kinds of fucking awesome. I definitely wasn't disappointed with the way it went or the way it wrapped up the story. Best of all, my dear wife loved it also, and she's a hard sell on epic fantasy. :>

I will admit, my internal commentary was merciless, with lines like "Mister Frodo's MINE, bitch!" and "Who else thinks this was a really bad idea?" running through my head.

Homoerotic hobbot jokes aside (you have to grant me those... the subtext was -screaming- off the charts...) this was a very, very, fun movie. The battle scenes were to die for, the music was outstanding, the cinematography was almost always dead on, and the sheer scope, majesty, and detail of the settings was, well... -wow-. You really can get the impression that Middle-Earth is OLD, that a lot has happened, and the events of the movie are building on millenia of history. Crumbling ruins, ancient fortresses, cities of the dead, mountaintop keeps...

I will admit that I was highly entertained by Gimli and Legolas in battle. Especially the thing Legolas does with the creature. See the movie, you'll know what I mean. :>

Go see it. This, I command!
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