September 27th, 2002


Attack of the TV Shows

I admit it, I'm a sucker for certain things. Bigtime. And now that the new season of TV shows has finally begun, I'm back to watching stuff every week. So, in the interests of science, here's what the Monkey watches:

Monday: Nothing yet. When Angel begins, I'll be there religiously. I love the show, and it's just gotten better and better... well, save for the what-the-fuck of last season's cliffhanger episode...

Tuesday: Buffy and Smallville. Woohoo! Buffy looks to be back on track with asskicking and nametaking, and Smallville just keeps getting better. And I have to admit, Chloe is the spitting image of one of my former characters, Alias Meriweather.

Wednesday: Enterprise. I know, I know. It has its ups and downs, but on the whole, I like it far more than I ever did Voyager or DS9.

Thursday: Survivor: Thailand. Don't hate me for it. I like watching people suffer more than I am... (I tend to ride the exercise bike while watching my shows, see). Backstabbing, politics, manipulation, stupid people jumping through hoops for rewards... hey, it's a MUSH!

Friday: Firefly and John Doe. Both new shows, both with a LOT of promise. I hope Joss Whedon doesn't let us down on Firefly. Mmmm, SF/Western with mysteries, though I kept waiting for a facehugger to show up this week. And John Doe is a trip, what with the ultimate knowledge, jack of all trades, amnesia thing. I like a good mystery.

Saturday: I tape these shows in the morning to watch later. All cartoons, all on WB. Jackie Chan Adventures (Uncle rocks! Jade is the perfect eshu childling!), Ozzy and Drix (based on Osmosis Jones. Amusing...), What's New Scooby Doo (Fred's outfit, mainly... nothing else, but NO SCRAPPY!), and X-Men Evolution (watch the shit hit the fan every week...)

Sunday: My day of rest. Or something. Though I've developed a fondness for Adult Swim cartoons like Sealab 2021, Harvey Birdman, Mission Hill, and the Oblongs.

Other random shows, airing on Friday or whenever: He-Man (with new, improved Stratos-as-Sean Connery), Transformers: Armada, and Justice League. Yes, I like cartoons. Yes, I like stuff from the '80s. I was there. I liked it. I used to have the toys. I'm a demographic.

There you go. My schedule for the week... now you know where I am between 8-9 or 8-10 PM EST on any given weekday.

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