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Can I Have A Midlife Crisis Yet?

Well, the 29th of July has come and gone without too much fanfare. Those of you who know me may realize why this is a big deal. I've hit the end of my 20's... FOREVER.
Hello 30.

As birthdays go, it wasn't bad. Mostly quiet. My beloved Mary got me the Hellboy DVD and a S'Mores maker, and has promised to fulfill my evil wishes this weekend.
Dinner, you pervs. :>

Got comics, as always. Day late because I had to work yesterday. I also got the TABOO soundtrack. A Broadway musical based on Boy George's life? Dude. :>
Ordered the audiobook of FOREVER WAR, by Joe Haldeman. Looking forward to that.
Mary has the soundtrack of the ASSASSINS revival on order for me. Yay! Best Sondheim ever!

Thanks to everyone who remembered and sent me well-wishes and warm fuzzies. I'm understandably freaked about getting older. There's so much left to accomplish, and I can no longer call myself a young adult with any sort of straight face. Because, y'know, 30 is old. I think the crystal in my palm just turned black.

Anyway, that's MY life. I have a few projects I'm excited to work on. We'll see how they go.

Off to raid the fridge and taunt the cats.

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