Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

Site Update and Other Sundries

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After spending some time exploring the ins and outs of my website, I’ve managed to make a few changes and updates.  Henceforth, if you want to access it, please go to www.michaelmjones.com.  The separate /news and /wordpress functions have been folded into one another for a more streamlined approach, and the last vestiges of the previous design have been carefully hidden away like a mad aunt in the attic.  If you drop by using an old link and don’t find something, just default to the main address and it should be there.  I’ve also added Google+ and Twitter widgets for the sake of completion.  If you find any problems, you can also contact me through the brand new “contact me” widget floating in the lower right hand corner.  (Yes, I know of the semi-broken link if you click on the main header.  I’m working on it.)

Just as a reminder, voting for Circlet’s Best of Digital Library poll continues, and will end Monday the 19th.  My story, “The Devil’s Masquerade,” is currently sitting in 5th place, and I’d love to see it reach 4th or so by the time things close out.  A vote for me is a vote for awesomeness!

Last, please keep watching this space for an exciting announcement concerning the much-delayed, much-anticipated, nigh-legendary Scheherezade’s Facade!

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