Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

Excerpt: The Devil’s Masquerade (Somewhat NSFW)

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Hello, everyone. As I mentioned last time, my story, “The Devil’s Masquerade,” is one of the stories being considered for inclusion in Circlet’s upcoming “Best of…” anthology. The catch is, only the top vote-getters will make it in, and let’s be honest: some of my esteemed competition are kicking my butts. I can only assume they have more friends, a larger family, compromising pictures of the right people, better social media skills, or pacts with unnamed dark forces.  (Or, of course, they could be really awesome authors with whom I’d be lucky and honored to share a table of contents…) What’s a guy to do?

Why, share a little of the story with you! In the interests of thoroughly whetting your appetites and convincing you to vote for me and/or go out and buy the book, I’m giving you a taste of the story. So just jump past the cut to read on!

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