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A Review Milestone! And A Contest!

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I just noticed that I have posted 1000 reviews to my website.
One freaking thousand individual posts. That covers over a decade’s worth of books from Absolute Magnitude, Science Fiction Chronicle, Realms of Fantasy, Green Man Review, SF Site, and bonus reviews posted directly to the site.

That doesn’t take into account posts where I reviewed multiple books at a time, things I’ve done that haven’t been archived yet, or the work I’ve done for Publishers Weekly, which can never be revealed.

That’s a whole lot of posts. Here’s to the next thousand.

You know what? To celebrate, I’m going to give away a book. I have here a nice shiny copy of Karen Mahoney’s The Iron Witch (which I reviewed here). All you have to do to have a shot at winning this book is to comment on this post. You can do it on my website, on my Facebook, or on my Livejournal, wherever you see this. Oh, and one more catch: I’d like you to tell me about a time when a book review convinced you to buy a book you otherwise might not have gotten. Bonus points if it was one of my reviews. Feel free to browse my archive, or visit the above linked sites, or go browse Amazon or Tor or any of the other many, many, MANY fine review sites online. :)

This contest closes at the end of Friday, December 9th. A winner will be chosen by my cats. Additional prizes may be given at my whim or discretion. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. This contest not sponsored by any political parties, Elder Gods, or publishers. Have a nice day.

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