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Seeking Submissions: Circlet Microfictions

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As a few people might know, among the many hats I wear is that of the Microfiction Editor for Circlet Press. While I took over the position earlier this year, my reign only truly began this past Friday, when the first of the microfictions officially bought during my tenure went live on the site. Now, I have a very nice selection lined up for the immediate future, but we’ll need more.

What are Circlet Microfictions? They’re short (under 1000 words), sexy, provocative pieces of speculative erotica. They’re free, fascinating, and very NSFW. So feel free to go and check out what’s been posted in the past, and drop by every other Friday for a new story. And maybe, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try submitting one to us.
Examples of past Microfictions can be found here.
Guidelines can be found here.

(As always, be advised that you may be exposed to sexualities, kinks, or things beyond your normal comfort zone. Circlet stories come in all flavors and types. Microfictions tend to alternate between science fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy, as well as gay, lesbian, hetero, and so on, depending on what we receive and accept. Please read and enjoy responsibly.)

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