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The New DC 52: Week 3

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And here we are, back for the third week of DC Comics’ big reboot rollout. We’ve had some good titles and some bad, some mediocre, and some that spectacularly failed. I ordered about 40 of the 52 in advance, going only on solicitations and my own personal preferences. Some I chose to skip because of the creative team, others because of the characters, some because of the premise. Because of the way advance ordering works, I’m committed to picking up the first two issues; that’s what I ordered and paid for by the time the actual product started coming out. And while I could, theoretically, convince my local store to exchange something I hated for something else, I don’t feel like unloading my sins on them. B&D Comics has always treated me well. (Shameless plug!)

For those who might be curious, the ordering period ended last week. This means that I had to choose what to keep and drop based on the first half of the releases. Any stinkers from the second half will get an extra month to impress me, I guess. Two series thus far have not made the cut. Suicide Squad got the boot for being… bad. And making me very unhappy. I also dropped Grifter because in the end, it didn’t grip me, and I had to make the choice. In these troubled times of continuity resets, it’s becoming a lot easier to drop things you’re not emotionally tied to.

This week, I got ten of the twelve releases. I opted out of Captain Atom, and DC Universe Presents. That still leaves me with a rather interesting assortment, so let’s get on with it, shall we?

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