Michael M Jones (oneminutemonkey) wrote,
Michael M Jones

The New DC 52: Weeks 0 and 1

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As a comic book fan of some little brain and great enthusiasm, it seems appropriate that I–like everyone else– review and comment upon DC Comics’ great, grand experiment to basically start over from scratch with their entire universe. 52 #1 issues, stretched over 5 weeks. Their flagship title, Justice League, shipped last week on August 31st, and the first wave of 13 titles shipped today. Now, I didn’t order all of them, since even I have my limits, and I was able to rule some titles out based on entirely arbitrary criteria such as writer, artist, character, or mood. Still, I expect to read 40 or so of the 52 by the time the first month is done. After that, we’ll see if anything gets dropped to give my poor budget a little more wiggle room.

Will I do this again for month 2? Perhaps. We’ll just have to see. But let’s get started, shall we?

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