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Dear Bookstores

Dear Local Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores,

I am gravely disappointed in you. More and more, you don't have what I want, when I want it. As a voracious reader (and a professional reviewer), I've come to demand a certain amount of timeliness from my new releases. That means, if I go into a store and look for a new release on its release date, I expect to find the book. That means that when a bestselling author from a major publisher has a new book, I would like to go to your store, find the book in question, and buy it. Immediately.

But we have a problem. Several, actually.

1) You don't have the book. Why? Maybe the chain buyer didn't think you needed it. Maybe the distributer didn't send it in time. Maybe there was a mix-up in the warehouse. So it could be days, weeks, maybe even never before that book shows up on its own accord. So maybe I order it through you, hoping to support you in that fashion. The book shows up a week later, sometimes damaged in transit. (Of course, -after- I order the book, you get in fresh copies on the shelves....)

2) The book is often much cheaper if I order it online. Cheaper, and quicker. Amazon, for example, can give me the book for 38% off, and have it for me a lot sooner than if I ordered through the store.

3) Heck, I could download the ebook version, and have it in 10 seconds for half the price. If I was into ebooks. I'm considering it strongly for books I want to read but don't necessarily want cluttering up my shelves.... YA hardbacks, I'm looking at you.

So you see, local bookstore who shall remain unnamed even though you're practically the only real game in town, you're not making it easy for me to continue supporting you. Don't get me wrong: I love nothing more than to walk into a bookstore, bask in the presence of the books, browse the shelves, and pick up the new releases. And while I'm still willing to pay full price - whatever discounts you offer - member card discount ... it's becoming very hard to justify that when you're no longer holding up your end of the bargain.

Today, I choose to place my order online. I'll still drop in to see what else might be new, but consider this a warning: I only go to the local bookstore because I'm old-fashioned and like shopping for books in person. If you stop making it worth my while, I'll just have to adapt. I'll miss you, though....


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