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Scheherazade's Facade Update

And it's time once again for the regular non-update update of Scheherazade's Facade.

As you all might recall, I've been searching for a new publisher for this anthology ever since Norilana Books postponed the release first by one, than by two years. Starting in late April 2010, I've relentlessly queried every publisher I can think of who might be able to take on a project that's more than a little offbeat. As of May 2011, the count stands at 15 publishers (or representatives queried. Out of those 15, I believe 3 actually took the chance to actually look at the manuscript. Out of those 15, 2 have never even responded with a yes/no as to whether they'd even consider it.

Folks, I'm running low on energy and enthusiasm. I'm getting just a little peeved, too. All I want to do is get this anthology out there into the world so everyone else can enjoy it. I have a stellar line-up of awesome authors and intriguing stories, and I want to share them. And I want to be able to pay the authors. I can't pay them what they're worth, because no one can afford to pay authors what they're worth, but I figured the bare minimum of 2 cents a word would be adequate, if paltry, compensation.

And yet the publishers keep turning their noses up. Too many projects already. Not our style. Can't sell enough copies. Going to pass. Can't help sell this. Not commercial enough. Try an LGBT audience instead. Unable to provide you with the requested advance as the risk is too great. And so on and so on.

And you know what? I'm not getting paid for this. It's not about the money for me. It's the love of the project. It's the love of the authors. It's faith and stubbornness and just a little bullheaded stupidity. I'm still in this because I want to do right by the people who put their faith and trust in me.

Where's Scheherazade's Facade? Still in Limbo. I'm not out of tricks yet, but I have a lot fewer than I did a year ago at this time. Keep watching this space for details.

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