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FebruarYAY? or FebruarNAY?

As you might have noticed, I ran something of an experiment for the month of February. I posted a new YA review to my website every weekday for four weeks, and made sure to announce the fact on my Livejournal, my Facebook, and my website news page. I tried several different styles of review, covered a wide range of material and a few different genres. I know I had fun. But what about you?

That's right, it's the audience feedback portion of the evening. For all my efforts, I saw almost no response from the peanut gallery, in terms of replies, comments, additional readers, or flaming bags of poo. So what did people think of this? What did you like, what did you not like? What would you like to see more of? (I've had one request for top ten lists and reading suggestions, and that's in the works.) Should I cross-post the full reviews to my LJ and FB, or was posting them on my site enough? Do I need more pictures? More contests? Funnier reviews? Longer reviews? Contests? Twitter? Or should I shut up and go away, no one cares?
(And how DO those other bloggers do it, with the comments and the readers and the activity?)

It will be a while before I can do something like FebruarYAY! again, simply because it does take time to build up that many extra reviews. Most of what I cover is already earmarked for other venues, and only appears on my site when it's being archive. But still, with the way I read and review, there's nothing preventing me from doing something else down the road....

Now's your chance to let me have it with your thoughts. I'm interested in what the audience has to say. Thanks.

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