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New Story Available - "The Devil's Masquerade"

I've just been informed that the anthology Masked Pleasures is available now from Circlet Press. This was an interestingly weird anthology, as it started off as a photo prompt. We were given the cover image, and told to have fun. Well, you know me. I found an idea I liked, and ran with it. The end result is my story, "Devil's Masquerade." I think of this as my answer to the unasked question of "What if Hawk and Fisher from Simon R. Green's books were lesbian lovers?" And that's how I ended up with Grace and Starling, Ducal Investigators who act as special agents of the law in a strange fantasy city. When they're sent to deal with a sex demon that's infiltrated the Devil's Masquerade, the most decadent, unrestrained party of the year, things get interesting.


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