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Announcing.... FebruarYAY!

Because I managed to develop a backlog of books to read and review, some time ago I started trying to claw my way through the stacks. The end result? A bunch of reviews of YA books that were too late or too big for my Realms of Fantasy column. And since I'm always trying to let people know about my awesome website, which archives the many hundreds of reviews I've written over the past decade+, I thought I'd do something a little ... special.

Hence, FebruarYAY! A name rapidly getting stupider the more I use it, but hey, whatcha gonna do? Every weekday for the next four weeks, I'll be posting a new review to my website. I'll be sure to announce to my LJ and my Facebook as well. Some are good reviews, some are bad. Some long, some short. A few were done for other venues that didn't work out. I may even throw in a contest or two along the way.

Starting off today, because February 1st wasn't kind enough to fall on a Monday, we have:

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June by Robin Benway. It's a charming book about sisters with superpowers, from the author of Audrey, Wait!
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