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Various Updates/Lack of Updates

Since it's been a few weeks since I last posted, here's a brief rundown of where I am (metaphorically speaking) and what's going on with my various projects.

Editorial Work:
1) Scheherazade's Facade remains in Limbo, while I wait to hear back from any of the four publishers I've currently queried. Of course, two have maintained steadfast radio silence since early October, but one of the remaining two actually asked to see the book itself. This is what's known as "faint hope" given how few of the publishers even want to commit that far. Cross fingers!

2) I made the final selections for Like A Cunning Plan and have assembled an excellent lineup of authors. It's a splendid mix of established writers, Circlet regulars, and talented newcomers. Details on ToC and release date still to come.

Review Work:
1) Realms of Fantasy still not dead. I got my first check from Damnation Books, and turned in my first column under the new regime. We'll see how it goes.

2) Still writing for Publishers Weekly. Still can't tell you what I've reviewed for them. Sorry. They'd put me in the oubliette if I did.

3) Working on backlog of To Be Reviewed and To Be Read shelves. If I've promised to review something, I have not forgotten. I don't forget these things. I just get behind. Way behind. Yes, I suck. I've got a bunch of stuff ready to go out to SF Site and Green Man Review soon, and a bunch more I'll be uploading to my site as bonus reviews every few days.

1) My first sale of the year was to Circlet Press' Like Myth Made Flesh, edited by Jennifer Williams. It's a nice little erotic urban fantasy about a moon goddess and the woman pursuing her, and a metaphysical wolf, and an eclipse. I call it "Sun Chases Moon." More details to be announced.

2) After the unfortunate demise of Dreams of Decadence I've put "Keys" back in the invisible box with all the other stories I know are awesome, while I figure out where to send it next.

3) Not much else going on in this aspect of things. Lots of stories getting bodywork and paint jobs and new tires. I'm totally available for anthology invites, though!

1) Still not dead. I manage to put on pants almost every day. This is good. I've been experimenting with the slow cooker a lot, lately. Chili, beef stew, shredded beef, om nom nom. Still trying to find a "day job" and learning, to my distress, how hard it is for someone with my talents, experience, and skillset to find something appropriate. Or inappropriate. Or more prestigious than fry cook or Wal-Mart door greeter. (Not entirely ruling those out yet, either!) But that's what we call "learning experiences."

Further posts will come, I'm sure, with more specific bits of information. But I'm keeping busy. :)

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