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Here's to the start of a new year.

I'll be the first to admit that, quite frankly, 2010 wasn't quite what I was hoping for. Far too many disappointments and setbacks for my tastes. I'm not going to dwell on it, because that's not constructive. There were good times and bad, hard times and harder times. But as always, here's the time when we get to sweep that all away, metaphorically speaking, and try to approach the world with an optimistic attitude, at least for a little bit.

2011 will be better, even if I have to use a crowbar, moonshine, and gentle persuasion. And by gentle, I mean messy violence. :)

Here are my goals for 2011, in no particular order:

1) Find a new home for Scheherazade's Facade so it'll finally be taken care of properly.
2) Finish selections for Like A Cunning Plan so it'll come out on time. :)
3) Finish my sekrit project so I make that deadline.
4) Actually make a dent in my To Be Reviewed backlog before it eats the shelf and the cats.
5) Do a lot more original writing. No problem, right?
6) Two words: home renovation.
7) Two more words: More cooking.
8) Win the lottery, write and sell a book, and/or find a day job. (Harder than you think; About.com didn't want me, I keep failing the personality test for Home Depot and Best Buy, and Barnes and Noble just wasn't hiring, sheesh. Among my various attempts so far.)
9) Clean up loose ends. (If you think you're a loose end ... start running.)
10) I hate lists. I'll just end up winging it as usual.

In other news, my last submission of 2010 was my first rejection of 2011. The editor was very nice, and asked to see more of my work for their next project. That's gotta count for something, right? Given that this ultimately turned out to be a hard story for me to finish, and I snuck it in at the last moment, I'm not entirely surprised at the rejection. What matters is I finished the story and sent it out and tried. And hey, that's as good a way to bridge the New Year as any.

So here's to 2011, may it serve us all well.

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