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Will the sadist with the voodoo doll with my name on it give it a rest already? I swear, this is getting ridiculous.

1. Okay, the double ear infection that won't go away? Not funny, but dealable. I remain confident that the nice drugs will clear that up.

2. Groucho being as sick as he is, that's really pissing me off. We've already established that I'm worried and shedding.

3. However, Mary slipping on the stairs and injuring, maybe even breaking, her ankle, this morning? That's just going too far. I mean it.

Yeah. As we were leaving this morning to go visit family, alemya fell down went thud. She's still at the hospital emergency room, waiting for the orthopedist to tell her how bad things are. They've given her the nice catnip-flavored happy drugs in the meantime. Your good wishes and moral support are once again desired.

Sigh. Anyway, I'm gonna go find food and try not to lose my cool. We'll keep you updated.

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