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A General Update

Item the First: Rumpledsilksheets, featuring my story "Hannah and the Witch", a romantic lesbian erotic take on Hans My Hedgehog, comes out from Ravenous Romance tomorrow. Another post to follow tomorrow with links.

Item the Second: With the unfortunate demise of Dreams of Decadence, my story "Keys" has been officially released back into the wild and is seeking a new home. I'll let you know if anything happens there. Naturally, I'm very sad that this piece won't be seeing publication anytime soon, as I think it's quite a splendid story.

Item the Third: Still no word on the fate of Scheherazade's Facade. I've been querying publishers, but no one's bitten yet. I'll keep trying, of course.

Item the Fourth: That's about all, really. Everything else is in progress, still under consideration, or hasn't been scheduled yet. So many books to read and review, stories to write, things to do. You know how it is!

Item the Belatedly Remembered: Two weeks to go on submissions for Like A Cunning Plan. Get your submissions in soon! As far as material goes, I'm good on kitsune stories, and sadly lacking on almost everything else. I definitely want to see some Coyote stories, as the Grand Master of Tricksters is woefully underrepresented. I'll consider m/m, m/f, and f/f. I'm hoping to get some variety in this collection. Hop to it! :)

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