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Like A Cunning Plan Reminder

This is just to remind people that the deadline for my upcoming Circlet anthology, Like A Cunning Plan is one month away, on December 15th.

Just to reiterate. Stories must have the following three components before I'll even consider them seriously:

1) Sex. Graphic, explicit, hot sex. Literate, engaging, sensual, well-written porn. This is a Circlet hallmark. Circlet has put out many fine collections which exemplify this. If you're not familiar with erotica, pick one up for an idea of what they like. This isn't "Dear Penthouse...." spank-bank material, these are stories which would be good enough for publication in any "mainstream" sf/f venue, except sex is an integral part of the plot and/or solution.

2) A paranormal/speculative/science fiction/fantasy/supernatural element. It can be subtle or blatant, but it needs that little something extra. (And as a hint, it helps if you think along folk tale, mythic, or fantasy lines, because of #3.)

3)A trickster. Let me repeat that. A trickster. Follow the link. Scroll down. Read the Wikpedia entry at the very least. Look at the vast list of trickster figures in various cultures. Any one of those could be instrumental, influential, inspirational, or a catalyst for a story.

I've gotten submissions that fail on as many as all three of these requirements. I'm still waiting for the ones that'll knock my socks off. So there you go. A refresher course. And, of course, for those of you who don't write this sort of thing, you're off the hook. I'll see you when I edit another non-erotic anthology.

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