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This Is Just....

So notorious writer James Frey, once called out for his inability to distinguish between fact and fiction in his so-called memoir (first hyped by Oprah, then denounced) is starting a company to exploit struggling writers and churn out YA, as this article describes.

I must say that if it's all true, it's pretty ugly, and disgusts me on a creative level. I won't go so far as to say unethical or immoral, because we all sign contracts of our own free will, but it looks like anyone who does business with Frey's Full Fathom Five group better cover their ass and really, honestly, look for better work elsewhere first.

I'm not exactly going to rush out to review anything this jerkwad produces. I'd hate to inadvertently help James Frey get any further, if these are the reindeer games he intends to play.

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